Our design is the essence
of our thinking

From late 80s in Venice, in the land of master glassmakers, lighting world met the design through the innovation of material and the personalization of shapes. Creative spirit, know-how, rafined material, advanced technologies and continuous research: this is Florian's essence, one of the first lighting company to present on the market a collection made by curved industrial glass.

Our first brand is born, FLAVER.
A brand became international. Models with a strong aesthetic impact, recognizable, that enhance and integrate in the environment without losing its stylistic tone.


With the arrival of the Led technology new needs came and new possibilities, new shapes have emerged. The new project FLORIAN is born, a design collection, with a sofisticated elegance and at the same time an harmonic semplicity, result of continuous research that combines style and functionality. A technical-decorative product, ideal solution for architects, interior designers, contractors. Not only simple lighting elements, but furnishing complements that conquer the space and bring it to light.


Design lights up the essence of our technological innovation.

New projects arise from the observation, from the ability to always improve, from the art and semplicity of shapes. Our sartorial ability allows us to transform a simple concept into a refined subject, to realize custom ideal solution for every space and need, being able to characterized the environments. Consant attention to details, particulars and quality, absolutely Made in Italy, are our added value.


Our values


New ways to tell the light. Wise combination of materials and glass workings, where also the littlest details becomes an art form.


Not a mere object that lights up but light that furnishes, integral part of the space. Detail that makes the difference, that creates warmth.


It pushes us to always create, accept new challenges and experiment new ideas. Design research, recognizable, personalized, unique.


It's at home. To design and put a concept in light. To translate it in a concrete project, beyond the technical limits.


Feeling passed from father to daughters, at the basis of our engagement. Light is life, hope, gift.


It allows us to speed up the project time, to find fast and effective technical solutions.


Products born to create unique and impressive atmospheres. Desire to make the imagination fly, beyond the borders.


Made in Italy is in our DNA. A network of artisan partner companies, all Italian, because the quality is one of our priority.